Welcome to Yaho Neko!

About Yaho Neko

Yaho Neko is a cat cafe,located in the city of Kunitachi,Tokyo.About 30 cats live in our cafe. We have 2000 Japanese comics and free Wi-Fi.You can take the JR railway from Shinjuku station,about 45mins.

Opening Hours

We are closed on Thursdays.


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Price (tax in)

Basic menu(Pay later)
Every 10 mins(weekday) 200yen
Every 10 mins(weekend) 250yen
(BASIC menu ONLY!! Under 13years old: 10mins/150yen)
Special menu(With free drinks) (Payment in advance)
  weekday weekend
1hour 1,300yen 1,600yen
2hours 2,000yen 2,300yen
3hours 2,700yen 3,000yen
Free time 3,500yen 3,800yen
( SPECIAL MENU ONLY!! for Children)
Under 13years old: discount 500yen,
Middle,High School students: discount 300yen
drinks(free drinks self-service) 380yen
snack for cats(One pack) 200yen
snack for cats(Three packs) 500yen


Please read carefully the following notice before enjoying our café.

  • Please put your valuables and belongings vulnerable to cat claws into the locker.
    Please ensure locking and keep your key close to you.
  • You can hold/hug any cats but please let them go immediately once they refuse.
  • Do not eat anything in the café and do not share with cats any drink (including drinks served by the café). You can bring in and enjoy drinks in pet bottle with caps from outside.
  • Especially for children: Because cats are very sensitive to loud noises, children should refrain from running, jumping, or making loud voices in the café.
  • Taking photo without using flashlight is OK.

    Cats sometimes scratch human due to their nature. Once you are scratched, we’ll provide emergency treatment including alcohol disinfection and band-aids. No financial compensation will be provided. We are cutting cats’ nails periodically.

    Cats sometimes pee around customers’ clothing or purses for marking or scratch customers’ clothing or purses due to their nature. We won’t compensate any of your loss cause by these situations.
    Please inform our staff once you find any cats are peeing in the couch or at the blankets. We’ll make it clean immediately.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

YahoNeko, since 2016