Welcome to Yaho Neko!

About Yaho Neko

Yaho Neko is a cat cafe,located in the city of Kunitachi,Tokyo.About 30 cats live in our cafe. We have 2000 Japanese comics and free Wi-Fi.You can take the JR railway from Shinjuku station,about 45mins.

Opening Hours


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Price (tax in)

Basic menu(Pay later)
Every 10 mins 200yen
(BASIC menu ONLY!! Under 13years old: 10mins/100yen)
Special menu(With free drinks) (Payment in advance)
  weekday weekend
1hour 1,200yen 1,400yen
2hours 1,700yen 1,900yen
3hours 2,200yen 2,400yen
Free time 2,800yen 3,500yen
( SPECIAL MENU ONLY!! for Children)
Under 13years old: discount 600yen,
Middle,High School students: discount 300yen
drinks(free dirnks self-service) 290yen
snack for cats(One pack) 200yen
snack for cats(Three packs) 500yen

Yaho Neko, since 2016